Authenticated Reality

Chris Ciabarra – CEO and Co-founder

Chris Ciabarra is the CTO and co-founder of Authenticated Reality and creator of The New Internet™  , an authenticated secure community that fosters real interactions, comments and online conversations from real people on the internet.

In his former role as co-founder and CTO of iPad point-of-sale (POS) disruptor Revel Systems, Chris and the team embarked on a mission to change the world of POS in September of 2010 and brought Revel Systems to a valuation of more than $500 million and landed a global contract for his system in the biggest company in the world (Shell fuel ) before leaving. Now, Ciabarra has set out with a new goal to change the world of the internet with his new company, Authenticated Reality, through its authenticated secure gateway to The New Internet™.

Chris is an anti-hacker and data security expert with a strong background in PCI compliance and P2PE.
He has presented across the globe as well as in front of the 5th Annual United States Homeland Security Conference on various security topics including how the internet needs to change, as it was built on the wrong fundamental philosophy and technology.

While at award-winning Revel Systems, Chris invented the Revel Ethernet Connect , an anti fraud feature for the POS, the first cable to provide hardwired Internet connectivity to iPads with power, as well as the Revel Router. Chris’ list of invention and design precedes Revel with,
Scan-on-the-Go Secure, Adrenaline cell phone app and Nano-stealth. Chris is also a member of Forbes Technology Council.

Jessica Ciabarra – CSO and Co-founder

Jessica Ciabarra is the Chief Social Officer and co-founder at
Authenticated Reality. While new to the world of entrepreneurship,
she was previously at Revel Systems where she managed social media
efforts and specialized in technical writing. At Authenticated Reality,
she is managing the social components of the product as well as the
company and also assisting overall product direction and development
of The New Internet.

Peter Zed – Lead Developer and Co-founder

Peter Zed is the Lead Developer and co-founder at Authenticated Reality. He has more than a decade of experience in full-stack development and entrepreneurship. His background includes both working for startups and launching his own company. Peter is a big proponent of crowdsourcing and micro service architecture.

What We
Stand For


After consumers, governments and businesses being mislead by thieves, terrorists and hackers. The New Internet  has been on the forefront of many government, public and business’s minds to eliminate the plethora of fraudulent aliases on the Internet. It was set fourth by our partnering agency to create a New Internet® that would hold each and every user accountable for their actions, all while maintaining freedom of speech. No longer can businesses, hackers or terrorists create false alias and mislead New Internet® users.


To make the Internet great again, by authenticating and holding all users accountable for their actions on The New Internet.


Our technology is seamless. We created a way to connect to “The New Internet which allows you to surf the web, launch new websites and even connect on social media in a secure and accountable way.